SoundONE Disco - Sound System Specifications:

FBT CS 1000

The most important piece of equipment at any disco has to be the sound system and the quality of sound that comes from it. After all the whole point of the disco is to hear music that you can enjoy and want to dance too.

Because the sound is so important, the quality of the sound system has to take presidence over every other piece of equipment. This is why we have spent a lot of money ensuring our sound system is of the higest quailty money can buy.

For medium size venues where space is limited and high quality sound is required, we like to use FBT CS 1000 this is a very classy system delivering a massive 1,000 watt RMS per side 600 watts RMS bass and 400 watts high and mid end from small compact line array, this system is truly amazing. These are now selling like hotcakes but leading the way as always SoundONE were the very first DJs in the world to purchase this system.

The quality of the sound we deliver is very important to us, the CS 1000 produces absolutely crystal clear sound that any audiophile would be pleased to hear. You can be sure you will be getting the highest quality sound possible when we play music at your event.

This is why we always ask you, approximately how many guests you are expecting, so that we can bring the right equipment to do the job properly.

SoundONE Disco - Small To Medium Sized Sound Systems:

FBT PromaxX 12a

Depending on venue size the space available and several other requirents, then for smaller to medium size events we may use our FBT PromaxX 12a speakers.

These produce a massive 900 watts RMS each a total of 1,800 watts RMS between them. These speakers have incredible sound and produce up to 133 SPL per speaker, which is phenominal. Not only do they sound amazing but they are they are very light, with just a single 12" LF neodymium magnet woofer which contains a 3" voice coil, custom made for FBT by B&C they also use 1" exit throat B&C HF neodymium magnet compression driver to ensure they produce the very higest quality of mid to high freequencies.

FBT have a really good reputation for quality and sound, they are manuafactured in Itally and are all italian design, the very same country who bring us the Ferarri, we FBT are the equivelent in the auddio world of Ferrari

The speakers and the sound systems we use are of the very best and cannot be compared to the speakers used by the majority of mobile DJs who are more often than not using very low quality systems which can only be described as hobbiest entry level. We really do care about our clients and want them to have the best audio experience possible. After all your going to be listening to these systems for several hours at volume. No body wants to hear a poor quality sound system, ear thrashing, distorted and bassless. A poor quality system will make you feel fatigued and will ruin the party experience. It's obvious the DJs who are not using high quality sound systems really don't care about their clients as much as we do.

SoundONE Disco - Larger Sound Systems:

FBT PromaxX 15sa

For larger venues and events where there is a large number of guests, we would normally also bring our FBT PromaxX 15sa sub bass speakers. This system will deliver over 4,200 watts which is more than enough power with room to spare for even the largest of marquees.

Where possible, we will always try to match a suitable system to the size of the venue and number of expected guests as there is no point being well over-powered (although it can always be turned down) and we certainly don't want to be under-powered. The Yamaha system we use is literally the best on the market and the best that money can buy. It's the very top end when it comes to speaker quality, delivering a crystal-clear sound and can be turned up when required to provide a very heavy and punchy bass.

There is nothing worse than a cheap under powered sound system being played loudly, the sound will always be very harsh, distorted and more often than not bassless. DJs using cheap audio equipment are also likely to cause hearing damage playing loudly, because to achieve the volume they need they will reduce the bass and play the midrange and higher frequencies louder, which in turn will hurt your ears and sound distorted as it starts to clip the top and bottom of the audio waveform.

With a high quality P.A. system like our Yamaha system if more volume is required, we have it there. It can be turned up and the balance of frequencies is evenly maintained at a balanced level of bass, middle and treble, meaning it maintains it's clarity in a perfectly uniformed manner. Our system actually uses 6 individual speakers and 6 individual amplifiers to drive them. It consists of 2 high frequency compression drivers and 2 amplifiers to supply them, 2 low frequency to midrange speakers and 2 amplifiers to drive them. Our Sub bass system consists of 2 sub bass speakers and 2 amplifiers to drive them. FBTs tuning technology is constantly optimizing the time alignment between the HF and LF drivers, reducing phase cancellations to greatly enhance bass frequency response as well as stereo imaging.

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SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in Nov/Dec issue 92.
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We are one of just 6 DJs in the country, to be nominated for the Pro mobile DJ rig of the year award.
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SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in May/June issue 83.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ
The Best DJ in Cornwall
The Best DJ in Cornwall
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