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Silent Disco

We offer a fantastic Silent Disco Experience and because we actually own all of our own silent disco equipment, you can rest assured you are not only getting the very best system available on the market, but it is operated by one of the very best mobile DJs in Cornwall. Unlike some of other so called DJs in Cornwall who claim they do Silent DIscos. We are not relient on 3rd party sources, we don't hire them in for one off events and then pass the inflated costs on to you at a premium rate, we use our own very high quality and relieble equipment.

SoundONE have always been the pioneers and leaders in Cornwall, we have always been ahead of the game while the others are playing catch up and simply trying to copy and mimic what we do. When it comes to mobile discos and being at the forefront with modern technology, not only do we have one of the best systems in Cornwall, we are the only professional full tiime mobile DJs in Cornwall who are able to offer a true Silent Disco. Our silent disco consists of up to 3 different music channels to choose from. You could be on channel one listening and dancing to the very lastest pop and chart tracks or you could be on channel two listening and dancing to your favorite motown, or even on channel three getting down to some rock classics. You also have the control of your own volume which we know many will appreciate. The headphones are iluminated and this will indicate what channel you are listening to, so you know in an instant, which other guests are also listening to the same music as yourself.

Silent Wedding Disco

Our meticulously skilled DJs will keep the music flowing on up to 3 channels for your dancing and listening pleasure.

We could even do themed parties, and have up to 3 alternative styles at once such as hard dance, house and trance for example. Of course it doesnt have to be limited to just music, it could be used for conferences, language learning, dance classes and much, much more.

Venue noise restrictions and sound limiters are now a thing of the past:

Silent Disco
  • What party is best suited to the silent disco add-on, the answer to this is quite simply every party and even more so if you want the WOW factor.
  • You can also combine the silent disco with our other add-ons such and the UV neon glow disco. We can even start off with a normal disco and then as noise curfews come into play we can switch the main sound system off and move to the silent disco
  • There are a number of venues in and around Cornwall with sound limiters and other restrictions, the silent disco is perfect for such venues as there is no amplified music.
  • The silent disco isn't limited to just parties, it can be used by yoga classes, line and barn dances, salsa and other dance clases or even gyms and fitness. The possibilities are endless and it is idealy suited to where music and or voice instructions are needed and in envirements where a traditional P.A. system isn't the best solution.

Why use a disco from the past, when we have the future:

Silent Disco
SoundONE the Future of Disco:

Our silent discos are perfect for the cool teenagers and college students and we can even mix and match it with our UV neon glow parties and laser lighting effects.

SoundONE sets a new standard and brings discos into the future, no more living in the past. Our parties are enjoyable and fun.

We are the only full time professional mobile DJs in Cornwall offering Silent Discos

Silent Disco (click for more info)
Silent Disco (click for more info)
Silent Disco (click for more info)
Silent Disco (click for more info)

We are Multi Award Winning DJs, here are just some of our verifible awards:
SoundONE - Most Reliable Wedding Mobile Disco & DJ Provider - South West England 2022 and 2023
2023 - The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
Awarded outstanding wedding DJ 2021 by the wedding emporium
Best Mobile DJ in The 2020 South West Event Entertainment Awards
Approved Official Nearlyweds Wedding Supplier
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in Nov/Dec issue 92.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ Cover
We are one of just 6 DJs in the country, to be nominated for the Pro mobile DJ rig of the year award.
Pro Mobile Magazine Rig of the year
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in May/June issue 83.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ
Full AA Cover