SoundONE Disco - Portable Appliance Testing Is Very Important::

All SoundONE electrical equipment is PAT tested
Portable Appliance Pass Label

P.A.T. testing is an important part of any Health & Safety policy. By Law, every year, all portable appliancies must have a P.A.T. test carried out on them. The Electricity At Works Regulations places the responsibility on all employers / employees and self employed persons to comply with this regulation. The four main circumstances where P.A.T. testing should be carried out are as follows:

  • Appliances being used by employers, employees and self employed persons.
  • Appliances being used in establishments such as hospitals, schools, hotels, factories, shops, etc.
  • Appliances that get hired or supplied to the public.
  • Where appliances are repaired or serviced.

Each appliance goes through a series of different tests which are as follows:-

  • VISUAL INSPECTION - This process checks the mains plug to see if the wiring terminals are tight, cable anchorage is good, correct fuse is fitted, cable has no cracks or split wires and the cable anchorage is tight leading into the appliance.
  • LOAD TEST - This test checks that the equipment is functioning under expected conditions.
  • LEAKAGE TEST - This test measures the leakage current to earth during the operation of the appliance.
  • EARTH CONTINUITY - This test checks the equipment has an adequate earth.
  • INSULATION RESISTANCE - This test checks the equipment's insulation resistance.
  • POLARITY - This test checks the polarity of the wiring is correct.

Once the above tests have been carried out, a certificate is issued with the results of each appliance tested, sometimes a pass or failed sticker is put on the appliance. A copy is kept by both ourselves and whoever has carried out the test.

SoundONE Disco - Why A PAT Certificate Is So Important:

Some Venues Demand It:

Portable Appliance Certificate

The vast majority of venues nowadays require and ask anyone who brings portable electrical equipment onto their premises, especially hotels and civil buildings, to provide a valid Portable Appliance Test Certificate before they will allow them to use the equipment.

Failure to provide this has led to some being turned away. This includes DJ's, sound and lighting engineers, bands, as well as builders, gardeners, etc.

This is why it is so important that the DJ, disco, sound system or lighting rig you book for your event has a valid PAT Certificate, as the last thing you will want is for the event to be ruined, just because the equipment may not have a valid electrical safety certificate or be safe to use.

This is why all our equipment is PAT tested and fully compliant. Not only is it fully tested but our technician regulary checks our equipment to ensure everything is in tip top condition and if anything looks even slightly dubious we get it repaired or simply won't use it.

What does all this mean to you? Basically, it means all our equipment is certified electrically safe and that your event will NOT be cancelled because the venue turn us away because of poorly maintained and uncertified equipment.

SoundONE Disco - P.A.T. Certificate Always To Hand:

Our PAT Certificate Is Available:

Having worked in all manner of different venues, many of them now know us and have already have copies of our certificates on record, so they may or may not ask to see them, however we always have them to hand, especially if we're at a venue that we haven't worked in before.

We are Multi Award Winning DJs, here are just some of our verifible awards:
SoundONE - Most Reliable Wedding Mobile Disco & DJ Provider - South West England 2022 and 2023
2023 - The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
Awarded outstanding wedding DJ 2021 by the wedding emporium
Best Mobile DJ in The 2020 South West Event Entertainment Awards
Approved Official Nearlyweds Wedding Supplier
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in Nov/Dec issue 92.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ Cover
We are one of just 6 DJs in the country, to be nominated for the Pro mobile DJ rig of the year award.
Pro Mobile Magazine Rig of the year
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in May/June issue 83.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ
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