SoundONE Disco - Choosing The Best Disco And DJ For Your Party:

What should you look for.

Choosing the best Disco and DJ for your event is often a confusing process. It's something most people don't often need to do and have little experience in or know what to look for, adding more confusion to this, there are usually several in the local area alone.

A large percentage of people simply choose a disco at random and then go for whoever quotes the cheapest price. But as the old saying goes, "you only get what you pay for" and with Discos and DJ's the same old saying is true.

The other approach a lot of people go for is: A friend tells them they know someone who does Discos, called Sam, who is quite cheap. This often turns out to be a very bad choice, not only do you not know anything about the person doing the disco but it is booked through a friend who also knows little about them, only that they apparently do Discos. This doesn't look good from the start and you either end up with no Disco on the night and a friend saying they did say they were coming or if the anonymous Disco Sam does turn up it is often with some very old and substandard equipment and you're left saying you could do a better job of DJ'ing yourself.

Value For Money: We certainly don't claim to be the cheapest and we are certainly not expensive but what we do claim is that we provide a very high quality service at a very reasonable price. We don't add on unnecessary charges, we only charge according to the number of hours of work involved, travelling, setting up and performing. Running the Disco is something we love to do, and if we could we would do it for the love, but in reality with all the expenses for equipment, music, fuel for travelling, running costs of the vehicles and everything else that goes with it, obviously we can't do it for the love, we do need to make a living.

No matter what budget you have, you want to get value for money, but it's well worth paying a little extra on a good disco, as it can make or break any party.

How important is the Disco and DJ for your event. Do you need a no nonsense reliable Disco service that carry backup equipment, confirm the booking with a written contract, have a contact number, email address and website where you can see what they are all about and who will answer any questions promptly or take a chance on your friend's anonymous Disco Sam?

SoundONE Disco - Top 10 Tips for Booking a Disco and DJ:

Speak with the DJ.
Using email is a good way to get a quotation or letting the DJ know what you require and to get information about the specs and pricing, but email isn't quite as good if you want to get a feel for someone, whether it be a good feeling or a bad one. Do they seem helpful, are they knowledgable, do they come across as confident? Be sure to get your point across, tell them exactly what you want and what you expect, don't be afraid to ask for some advice, after all they're supposed to be the professionals.

Do they confirm the booking in writing and offer a legal contract?
Make sure that any booking you make is confirmed in writing or preferably in a written contract. It is imperative that all details agreed are clearly set out, such as is early setup required, that appropriate attire should be worn, the start and end times, the music that you want played. In our experience, almost everyone who has contacted us because they have been let down by another Disco have had "no contract or written confirmation", just a mobile telephone number.

Ask if they have done similar parties or have a DJ that has.
If it's a very important event such as a Wedding, find out what experience they have. If it's a birthday party ask what sort of things have they have done in the past. As different events require very different types of skill and experience, it's essential that you get a DJ that's right for your event. Obviously most DJ's have to be very flexible but some can be much more experienced than others.

Is a deposit required?
This is common practice for most good DJ's. Your venue will normally always request a deposit or booking fee. This shows your commitment and once a deposit has been paid, the disco should only be interested in your event for that date. Between 25% to 30% should be considered as a reasonable figure for a deposit. A receipt or email confirmation of the deposit having been paid should be expected. By sending a cheque you are also confirming their address.

Are playlists Accepted?
Some won't do requests or playlists, others will say they do, take your request but not be able to play the music because they don't have it. We will take any playlists you may have in advance of the day to ensure we have that music with us, we will play them at the appropriate place or time during the event. We will also try and play any requests you make on the day.

Will the DJ meet you, if you want to see them?
If not, why not? Some won't meet with you for fear they will lose the booking. If you need to meet us you can, it's a good way to get to know the DJ before the event, and it can also make for a better atmosphere at the event. If the DJ's not from your local area, a meeting could be a bit more difficult, so meeting at a halfway point could be better for both parties. Going from past experience, meetings that work best are when they are not so formal. We get to find out exactly what you want and expect and can discuss any playlists you may have, your first dance, the type of music you require, sound, lighting and any technical aspects, as well as the planning of the event, for example buffet, speeches, presentations, slide shows, etc and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Is the Disco or DJ sub-contracting for an agency or another DJ?
A lot of DJ's do this, but as long as you are fully aware of this arrangement and it's what you have agreed to then that's fine. Problems can arise when an agency or contractor are unable to provide adequate details for a DJ they supply. This leaves you in limbo either not knowing who or even what they may turn up to your event with! Soundone do not use sub-contracted DJ's, the DJ's we use are our own DJ's and we only use our own Equipment.

Are they able to supply you with suitable references?
All professional DJ's should have some sort of references from previous clients, whether it's just a Thank You email, or written letter or a post on a facebook page or blog. Should the need arise we can give you details so you can contact some of our previous clients, who have given us permission to pass on their details.

What happens if the DJ's equipment fails. Will they have any backup or will the party be ruined?
We carry a full back-up system so should the unthinkable happen we will be able to get the system up and running with very little, if any, noticeable effects.

One final thing to remember is: There are no recognised qualifications to be a DJ, so be very wary of anyone claiming to be "Approved by" or "Certified By" etc as they are simply trying it on.

By following these tips, we hope to have made it a little less confusing when booking a Disco and DJ, obviously we hope you book us, but should you decide to choose another Disco and DJ please bear in mind as many of the above as possible, and we wish you the very best for your event.

We are Multi Award Winning DJs, here are just some of our verifible awards:
SoundONE - Most Reliable Wedding Mobile Disco & DJ Provider - South West England 2022 and 2023
2023 - The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
The Best rated DJs in Cornwall 5 years in a row
Awarded outstanding wedding DJ 2021 by the wedding emporium
Best Mobile DJ in The 2020 South West Event Entertainment Awards
Approved Official Nearlyweds Wedding Supplier
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in Nov/Dec issue 92.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ Cover
We are one of just 6 DJs in the country, to be nominated for the Pro mobile DJ rig of the year award.
Pro Mobile Magazine Rig of the year
SoundONE featured on the front cover of Pro Mobile Magazine and inside on the feature pages, we were in May/June issue 83.
Pro Mobile Magazine Featured DJ
Full AA Cover